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Here are some ways thaT we can help you WITH

digital marketing
and advertising:

Local SEO Services

Website Design and Management

Content Writing

Digital Advertising

...and so much more!

We’ll say more about each aspect of digital marketing later on in the article.

Advanced Local is A

Leader in Digital Marketing

Advanced Local is a leader in digital marketing. That is because we use the latest data in our field to help you succeed. We can help your business with:

SEO Management

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of digital marketing. The intent of SEO is to increase your business’s likelihood of being found through a search engine. We, at Advanced Local, work towards this goal by placing specific keywords in your website and website content.

We also do research on current trends in digital advertising and marketing. With high-quality and data-driven SEO, you are more likely to be found by potential customers.

Graphic Design

A thorough website and great content is supported by graphic design. That’s because most viewers of your website will tend to judge your business based on your website’s appearance.

To set you apart from competitors and to create a strong first-impression, our graphic designers will use eye-catching graphics and other qualities needed for a stellar website.

Website Design and Management

As mentioned above, when designing your website, we’ll focus on keywords and features that will attract potential clients. For example, we will consider the latest trends when looking at the placement of banners or calls-to-action.

After creating your website, we will also focus on website management so that your website is up and running.

Content Planning and Writing

Having content that pulls in customers is very important to digital marketing. At Advanced Local, we will help you plan and carve out content that is specific to your niche.

We will focus on things like building your credibility as an expert in your field, writing content that is informative to your readers, and building content that helps you in your search engine rankings.

The internet, this new frontier, full of possibilities, can be a wonderful way to build your business’s success! At Advanced Local, we would like to help you reach your goals—whether it’s increasing your rankings on search engines, or getting more folks into your office, we can help you succeed!


At Advanced Local, our principles include:

Number 1

being strategic in our thinking

Number 2

being persuasive in our advertising

Number 3

building lasting brands

The Roots

OF Advanced Local

Advanced Local began as a small business that was established by our Founder and President, Dan Vance in 2016. Working from a small office in Ogden, a frontier town, Dan saw a need to move away from traditional digital marketing, by turning to a new and more advanced digital strategy that helps businesses target local audiences.

Through hard work and by providing clear strategies that provide proven success for our clients, Dan expanded our business to helping not only local businesses, but also to businesses all over the United States and Canada.

We also expanded our business from a team of 1 to a team made up of 31 people. Our dedicated team ranges from experts in graphic design, content planning and writing, content management, and digital marketing. All of our team has years of experience, whether it’s our amazing content writers or our creative graphic designers, each member of our team takes their role seriously. As a family, our primary goal is to help our clients achieve better results, expand their exposure, and increase their sales.

So, what are
you waiting for?

Call us today to jumpstart your road to success! Like Bill Gates says, the internet has become the host of many global discussions and innovations. It has also led to the development and sustaining of businesses through advertising and marketing. At Advanced Local, we recognize that the internet is now our modern-day frontier.


For example, trying to market a specific product or service was traditionally done through door-to-door marketing or by unsolicited phone calls to potential clients. But with the rise of digital marketing, potential customers can find you through a simple click of a button! And because most people tend to use Google to find a service, knowing how to market your business to a local audience is even more important.

Knowing how to be found in a search is important to:

Increasing traffiC
to your website

Getting more calls from potential customers about your business

Setting up navigatioN tools to lead potentiAL clients to your location

At Advanced Local, we would like to help you stand out from competitors!
That’s because we believe in not only keeping up with trends in digital marketing, but we also believe in leading and innovating in this field!