Digital Marketing

Nowadays, everyone has quick access to the internet. In fact, almost 57% or 3.2 billion of the world’s total population has access to the internet– anytime and anywhere. This can be translated into an era of digital. Digital means doing lots of activities online. Businesses use digital marketing as an avenue to target more customers and reach markets anywhere across the globe. Digital Marketing is one of the best modern activities that almost all firms in the world are using– in fact, there are 1.95 billion websites according to Internet Live Stats.

So What do 1.95 Billion Websites Imply?

Here at Advanced Local, we always explain the potential (and of course the cons as well) of having these huge number of websites, it only implies that today’s life in businesses and industries is running online– thus, using digital marketing is a big factor. Most of these websites are running online with the aim of making a profit and doing marketing– well, targeting global is way better than doing conventional marketing locally. In terms of market targeting, Digital Marketing is absolutely cheaper than doing lots of conventional marketing; it is also a very practical avenue to add market on the other side of the globe– always remember the 3.2 billion users, and that statistics is counting every day!

Selling your Website Before your Products– the Way of Digital Marketing!

Digital Marketing entails lots of things. It includes a website which is the first thing to have, and everything follows. The website must be unique, the domain name must be easy to recall. It must be navigable and user-friendly. It must also attract the customers and feel the essence of the company through the website. Imagine this, you are selling gold jewelries online, therefore, your website must be elegant yet user-friendly– and of course, your motif must be gold! You need first to sell your website before your product.

Promotion and Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing also entails promotion. Promotion is the activity inside your website that sells everything. Promotion must come with elegance. SEO helps promotion a lot. SEO is the best part of Digital Marketing, it amplifies or boosts your overall marketing. When we say promotion, we don’t just mean putting your products on your website and make it there with glittery colors or what– we also connect it in many social media platforms.

Getting Noticed Across the Globe Using Email and Mobile Ads

Getting noticed is one of the hardest parts of digital marketing, isn’t it? Here at Advanced Local, we don’t just put your name on your website alone, we also make it appeared on many platforms as much as possible– well, we mastered the algorithms of Email and Mobile Ads. We make sure that your business’s email and mobile ads will elicit the information everything about your business.

Take the Action, Now!

So what else are you waiting for? Are you looking for an expert that will optimize your website and everything in it? Contact us now and let’s talk about the success of your business!

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