Location-based Marketing:
Digital Ads Made Powerful for your Business

Location-based marketing is a powerful tool that allows businesses to target consumers at a granular level. You can further increase your visibility and boost your sales by harnessing location data.

In addition, you can extend your reach to potential consumers based on qualifiers like proximity to your shop or events happening in their locale. 

This digital marketing technique has proven effective across the stages of customer engagement – from product discovery to purchase and retention. When used strategically, location-based marketing can help you hone in on your target audience with relevant offers. Advanced Local can help you with all these.

Location-Based Marketing Experts, at Your Service

Advanced Local is home to digital marketing professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. Moreover, our team has a stellar track record of managing the advertising campaigns of dozens of businesses across North America. We can help you formulate an efficient and targeted location-based marketing campaign that will surely boost your sales.

For example, you can notify your potential clients in a nearby neighborhood that you are now offering a service they likely need. Moreover, you can inform them of deals and limited offers to make them visit your shop soon. With location-based marketing, these are all possible! 

They receive your ads automatically on their mobile devices when they enter a particular location or zone. This technology can improve the experience for a customer base that increasingly values convenience. Additionally, we can customize your ads based on your business goals.

Get ahead of your competition by utilizing Advanced Local’s location-based marketing today!

Maximize the Benefits of Geotargeting and Geofencing Ads

Advanced Local performs diverse location-based marketing methods, so you can choose one or a combination that best suits your business. Here are some of the most popular geo-marketing techniques that we offer:


Geotargeting is a location-based marketing strategy that utilizes a device's unique IP address. This allows our software tools to approximate the locations of your potential customers through their mobile phones.

Then, we can provide users with location-based content and messages customized for them. This adds a sense of familiarity and a personal touch to your advertisements.

Geofencing Ads

On the other hand, geofencing is like casting a virtual net on a neighborhood or your target geographic area. As people enter the geofenced zone, they will become active targets of the ads we'll set up for you.

This may mean receiving content, special offers, or other forms of messaging from your brand. An example of a boundary would be an area encompassing a local shopping center or gas station near your shop. Your business can more effectively reach nearby potential customers by setting up a geofence in these areas.

Mobile Targeting

This method focuses on advertising through SMS and apps installed on your audience's mobile phones or tablets. Depending on parameters like the time of day, type of device, and location, we will send user-oriented ads to them.

We can also use a "weather trigger" for products and services affected by the weather. For example, shops that offer roofing services or car washes will likely have more demand on rainy days. We will take advantage of this and send context-specific ads to people in your target neighborhood. With Advanced Local and our location-based marketing experts, the possibilities are limitless.

Get started with location-based marketing today

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