"Dan and his team are wizards! Got a referral from a fellow shop owner who claimed he was the man for the job. Well, he was right. Our internet presence is now through the roof and going towards the moon. Thanks to everyone there, we are doing great in times that are not kind to many business owners. Keep up the good work! "

Henry Carter

Dan and his team are Great. We've used Advanced Local for a couple of years and have been way happy with the results. Give them a try.

Paul Jensen

'I have worked with Advanced Local many times. I am a granite and quartz fabrication shop in Layton, Utah. Advanced Local was able to help me with understanding my company's SEO. My overall experience with Advanced Local has been amazing, and will refer him to all my fellow business partners."

Robert Mancini


Advanced Local is a digital marketing company that is at the top of its game. We employ the most up-to-date data available that our expert specialists use to assist you in your endeavors. We can help you attract more customers to your company by creating the appropriate website design for you.

Big things often have small beginnings

We began as a small business established by our Founder and President, Dan Vance, in 2016. Working from a small office in Ogden, a frontier town, Dan saw a need to move away from traditional digital marketing by turning to a new, more advanced digital strategy that helps businesses target local audiences.

Through hard work and providing clear strategies that provide proven results-based success for our clients, Dan expanded our business paved for local companies and businesses all over the United States and Canada.

Advanced service for the advancement of your business

We have expanded our business from a team of 1 to a team made up of 31 people. Our dedicated team includes experts in graphic design, content planning and writing, content management, and digital marketing.

All of our team has years of professional experience. Whether our fantastic content writers or creative graphic designers, each team member takes their role passionately.

As a family, our primary goal is to help our clients achieve results-based success, expand their exposure through website traffic, and increase their sales. We dedicate a deeper understanding of our clients’ website design needs

We are capable of:

You will appear more professional if you have a business website

It's easy and free to set up a company page on Facebook. This low entrance barrier devalues a company's social media profile. Customers don't know who or where a Facebook page is from. On the other hand, creating a business website costs money and shows that you mean business. Having a business website makes you appear more credible.

Your visibility is boosted by having a website for your auto repair shop

Worldwide, about 4.5 billion active internet users, 90% of whom utilize mobile devices.

Without a website, your company is basically invisible. Unless you invest in a website, your business will be invisible to potential customers.

It gives you social proof

What customers say about your business can influence other customers. While review sites like Yelp are good, your website is the most excellent place for further information.

Putting your most extraordinary testimonials on your website builds trust and social proof. And prevent third-party review services from downplaying positive feedback.

A business website offers long-term value

One of the best things about investing in a business website is how long it continues to pay dividends. The time your potential clients see your social media ads depends on how long you run them. If they don't see it, you'll have to pay again. A company website, on the other hand, will give you ROI. Even if it doesn't pay off in the first year, you can alter it until it does.

Improves customer service

A compelling website will have all the information your customers need. So they don't need to contact you about location, hours, or anything else.

A website improves the client experience by assisting them.

A website can help you stand out from the crowd

Even a local business can compete with the "big boys" in their field.

If you play your cards well and optimize your website effectively, you can outrank larger websites and acquire great organic search engine leads.

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About US

Based in Ogden, UT, Advanced Local started its operations in 2016 with the vision of increasing the online visibility and sales of local businesses in the country. Our services immediately became popular and proved to be highly effective in enhancing the revenues of small to medium scale enterprises around the United States.

In 2021, our local SEO company is currently managing dozens of accounts in North America, including several cities in Canada. We are your reliable partners in growing your business and boosting your Return on Investment (ROI).

Your website is
your digital storefront.

It should portray an appealing image of your auto repair shop that capture
the attention of people’s curiosity and makes them want to visit.

Developing a website that generates sales might be a challenging task. However, it can be a hassle-free and beneficial experience with the correct web design services. Our objective at Advanced Local is to empower you in developing a visually appealing website that transforms visitors into paying customers. With our assistance, you can create a website to help your company succeed. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!