The COVID-19 pandemic has crippled many economic markets all over the world. The question many business owners have is, should I stop paying for SEO Services?

As businesses reel from the impact of the pandemic, marketing strategies are shifting, and one thing is pretty obvious.

While our physical world has ground to a halt, the internet is still up and running. Many online shops have been thriving during this downtime for traditional businesses.

This is your chance to end up a winner or a loser in this new normal that we are in right now.

We believe that winners will invest heavily in SEO services to gain the upper hand during this COVID-19 lockdown.

Stop SEO services? Definitely not, we share some of the top reasons why you should continue search engine optimization efforts during this crisis.

SEO Services Proves Effective for Businesses During Pandemic

More consumers are searching online, as many are confined to their homes. SEO is proving to be the game-changer between brands as those who are active with their SEO efforts are getting results versus those who are not.

Industries are either experiencing steep increases or decline, no matter what your business is in, as a sound SEO strategy will help you keep afloat or boost sales even further.

If you earn a top spot on Google during this crisis, there is a huge chance that you will remain there for a long time.

Halting your SEO efforts can cause you to lose your spot to more aggressive companies, and getting it back may not be as easy.

This is why you need to continue your SEO services for ranking or maintaining your rank on SERPs.

SEO Services Helps Customers Find You

While many companies are closing down during the coronavirus pandemic, some small businesses are experiencing growth with many new and returning clients.

The U.S. business landscape has changed dramatically since the pandemic hit the country, and businesses are learning to adapt to the current situation.

Since many offices have closed down, this may be the opportune time to offer your services to customers.

Auto shop owners are allowed to operate as an “essential service” so you can entice car owners to have their cars serviced or repaired since they now have the time to do so.

It usually takes weeks to book a car for routine maintenance but lockdowns have made it easier to schedule appointments.

In order for your business to be found by car owners, SEO is your best bet.

If you own an independent auto shop, you need SEO services so that people can find your business during the lockdown.

You won’t be able to take advantage of the high demand if customers can’t find you or know that you even exist.

For local businesses, local SEO is critical to help you capture a piece of the pie. Now is the best time to ramp up your local SEO efforts.

SEO can help you build trust with your audience, users rely on Google’s ranking system, and this dramatically influences the buying process.

Buying Behavior is Changing

As people are confined in their homes during the lockdown, buyer behavior is expected to change as we practice social distancing.

More and more people are buying stuff online, and this trend is more likely to continue even after the restrictions are lifted.

People are shopping for food and essentials, as many U.S. states have closed down restaurants. Small and large grocers have seen surges in consumer demand.

According to the National Grocers Association, smaller grocers have been helping out the large chains in meeting demand as grocery stores are being restocked at unprecedented speeds.

Top sellers are toilet paper, hand sanitizers, pizza, and chicken.

If you want people to find your local grocery store, SEO services can help you be seen.

People Still Buy Products and Services During a Pandemic

Life goes on even during a crisis, which means that people will continue to buy products and services despite COVID-19.

SEO services are still the best way to reach your consumers with buying intent.

If you do things the right way with your SEO, you will be primed to do better when things go back to normal.

Buying activity has shifted towards online options during this pandemic, and this change in behavior is expected to carry over even after the lockdown is over.

You want your brand to be present when consumers are searching for products and services online. Digital marketing and eCommerce are more crucial than ever, and you should maintain a strong presence using SEO services.

As consumers patronize online stores to meet their needs, they will go for businesses that meet them with excellent user experience and engaging content. SEO can help you achieve this as you lay the foundation for future conversions.

Why Choose Advanced Local?

When it comes to keeping your business afloat and building your organization during this crisis, SEO services and digital marketing will always be your foundation.

If this is your first time to encounter SEO or doing SEO on your own is not an option for you, you can always hire an SEO expert that you can trust and rely on.

At Advanced Local, we recommend the best solutions to our customers, and we believe that growth can be achieved even during this COVID-19 pandemic.

We take pride in giving excellent service and being transparent with clients.

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